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We are a young group of scientists with a broad range of interests: from ecology and conservation to the application of open source software in ecological research. Within these interests our work focuses on climate change, eco-epidemiology, species distribution modelling and biodiversity monitoring for which we frequently apply Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) spatial tools. Here in this platform, our readers will find blogs on our experience in the field and also on the latest and greatest open spatial tools along with snippets of usage. In addition we intend to trigger discussion on critical issues on ecology and biodiversity research through our blogs.nike air jordan xiii 13
We hope you enjoy reading our posts and feel free to leave comments and join the discussions.

The Team

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Sajid Pareeth Sajid Pareeth is currently doing his PhD at GIS and Remote sensing Group in Fondazione Edmund Mach (FEM) in Italy and is enrolled at Freie-Universitat Berlin. His main interest is in satellite image processing using open source tools, and time series analysis. Read complete profile here:
Matteo Marcantonio Matteo Marcantonio is an Italian PhD student at both Fondazione Edmund Much (Italy) in the GIS and Remote Sensing group (supervisor, Dr. Markus Neteler) and at Technical University of Berlin (Germany) in the Geoinformatics group (supervision, Prof. Birgit Kleinschmit). His research project is focused on spatio-temporal modelling of vector-borne diseases, alien species and parasites as well as on the relationships that occur between them. He holds a Bachelor degree in environmental sciences and a Master Degree in natural sciences from University of Siena (Italy). During his undergraduate studies he dealt with alpha, beta and gamma diversity patterns in protected areas networks, as well as the use of geostatistics to predict plant species richness at a regional scale, and monitoring of forest habitat restoration.
Carol Garzon-Lopez Carol Garzon-Lopez is a Colombian ecologist. She is currently a postdoctoral researcher at Fondazione Edmund Mach, where she provides expertise on the use of remote sensing tools and integrative approaches for species distribution modeling as part of the European Union Biodiversity Observation Network project (EU BON).  Her scientific interests include ecosystem ecology and the use of spatial tools for research on conservation in the tropics.  She holds a Master’s degree (Evolutionary biology) and Ph.D. from Groningen University, Netherlands.  During her Ph.D. she studied the determinants of the spatial distribution of tree species in a tropical forest in Panama, at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, where she has also collaborated in education and public communication.

Expert bloggers:

Open Niche will host blogs from experts in the field who contributes periodically:


Veronica Andreo – Argentinian biologist and  interests include the ecology and dynamics of host-parasite-disease systems in general and their relationship with environmental variables, both in spatial and temporal dimensions. I’m particularly interested in the modeling and mapping of those changes and relationships. My doctorate thesis examined the distribution of a hantavirus host and the factors explaining human cases occurrence by means of remote sensing data, GIS techniques and Species Distribution Models. After the doctorate, I did a MS on Spatial Applications of Early Warning and Response to Emergencies to gain additional knowledge and experience about uses and applications of RS and GIS tools for the prevention, warning and monitoring of different environmental problems. My MS thesis examined the spatio-temporal variations of phytoplancton blooms as seen from remote sensing. The MS and an internship at PGIS-FEM (Italy) have also driven me into the world of programming and FOSS, and I developed a GRASS GIS fan.air jordan store

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