Speed up matrix median calculation in R

I decided to write this short post after wasting some hours to optimize my R code to make median calculation possible for some million of values. Hope it can help someone else. The problem is easy to explain and to solve. Median is a very expensive operation to compute as it implies ordination of values, therefore sometimes may considerably slow down the code running time.
air jordan Factory
My example makes use of a list of matrices, like this:

pippo <- list(matrix(runif(100000),ncol=5),matrix(runif(100000),ncol=5),matrix(runif(100000),ncol=5),matrix(runif(100000),ncol=5),matrix(runif(100000),ncol=5),matrix(runif(100000),ncol=5),matrix(runif(100000),ncol=5),matrix(runif(100000),ncol=5),matrix(runif(100000),ncol=5),matrix(runif(100000),ncol=5))

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